Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Am I Passionate About?

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First of all, good morning everyone. Thank you for stopping by my blog today, how are you all doing in this very hot morning so far? I just came in from watering my plants in the front yard. I started almost 9:00 o'clock hoping that it won't be too hot for me but I was wrong. Even I started early yet the sun's heat was already scorching. If not because of my plants wilting, I wouldn't go outside because the heat is just too much for me to bear but I have to take care of them anyway.

Planting flowers and other ornamental plants is one of my passions. I love seeing the beautiful blooms in our yard. Planting became my passion when I realized we have enough yard space to plant them in, the hard work exerted of taking care of them will be paid off once I see my plants giving me flowers.

Second thing I am passionate about is home decorating. Although I have no talent in doing this but I guess I can at least do a little bit of putting up nice stuff on our walls so to not make them look bare, I also love to keep our home organized but since the baby is here, it is hard to maintain it all the time. You know babies, they love to scatter their toys everywhere so that is understandable. Once in a while though especially our bedroom and baby's room are as neat as it can be.

So you might be wondering why in the world I am talking about two things that I am passionate about? It's because there is an upcoming star video interview on August 11, 2020 I am waiting to watch, designer and HGTV star Sarah Richardson who will appear on Passion Profiles episode. With her own passion for entertainment, style and people, Cheryl's years of experience will enable her to get up close and personal with some of the hottest names around.

By the way, Passion Profiles is a talk-show that takes a unique and rare glimpse at the authentic and demanding passions that define some of Canada's finest Chefs, designers and msicians. The viewer will be intrigued, inspired and entertained. Of course hosted by ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey. She will bring the best out in the guests with stories from their lives and insights to inspire viewers.

I urge everyone who is interested, please visit to take a deeper look at the PASSION PROFILES series.

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