Monday, August 16, 2010

Howard Computers

I am somewhat in denial that my two-year old baby girl is now using her own computer. It is just unbelievable because at her early age, she knows how to get on the websites to watch her favorite cartoons or going to Starfall site. The other day, she amazed me so much at how smart she is. She opened the Starfall site all by herself.

I left her in her bedroom after she turned the power on of her computer and said, I'll be back! Meaning I didn't want to stay longer waiting in her slow computer to start up. It takes ages before you could click on any of the icons on the screen.

Sometimes I just want to slam her computer down just because it has got something in it that making it pretty slow. Someday when she is old enough and use computer to help her in school, we would want to buy her a new one like these Howard custom computers I am looking at right now. Of course prices are kind of high for new units but maybe we can find that is refurbished or custom computers.

I am also in the process of saving up some money to replace this kinda old laptop of mine. That will take time though. Howard computers also sells custom laptop which I would like to take a closer look after posting this entry so I can have an idea on what kind of laptop I should be getting in the future and how much.

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