Sunday, August 15, 2010

Distinguishing Authentic Products From Fake Ones

Facebook has become more and more popular for people who want to find their long lost loved ones and friends through it, many have reconnected to those who are dear to their hearts and lost contact with when they parted ways years back.

This social networking site is also the most favorite website for people or companies to promote their businesses. In fact, there too many of them on my list trying hard to expose their products by tagging people in their friend's list. Because it is a free service, you can advertise as many as you want. I've seen a lot of them selling fake purses, shoes, accessories and just this morning I saw one of my friends was tagged by someone who is selling CLASS A Victoria's Secret lotions and mists from Hongkong.

Just by looking at the photos of the fake ones you can't really tell what you are getting/purchasing isn't the real deal. How can you distinguish if what you're buying is authentic? You better be smart enough to ask the seller where it came from and the price.

For authentic Victoria's Secret lotion 250 ML is sold for 400-500 pesos in the Philippines whereas the FAKE ONES are only 200 pesos and take note, it is from HONGKONG- number one country for importing FAKE handbags in the Philippines. Also once you have the fake VS lotion in hand, you can distinguish the smell of the lotion, it wouldn't be too strong nor it will last long.

On the other hand, AUTHENTIC ones could last up to several hours in your skin and is thicker in consistency and stronger scent. If you were to buy just the authentic products, please be keen enough to know what you are getting is what you wish for otherwise you will be wasting your money.

As one of my friends said on Facebook.. FAKE IS THE NEW FASHION IN THE PHILIPPINES or shall I say it is what is "IN" right now on the market...tchhh amazing! From shoes, dresses, bags (Coach, Chanel, LV, Guess etc), watches like Guess and MK as well as other brands seem like they are being worn by every ordinary individual there nowadays knowing that original brands could cost a person a whole lotta fortune.

Try to look at the pictures below, the first picture I snagged from Victoria's Secret website to ensure originality and the two remaining photos are the fake ones from one of the users of facebook whom I copied the photos from... take a closer look of the pics, can you really tell the difference between the original and fake ones? I don't think so, even the bottle alone, they look exactly alike or perhaps the fake ones are using the real photos of the AUTHENTIC lotions so they can sell their products?


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