Monday, August 16, 2010

Possible New Car

It's so unfortunate of me to have not taken my follow up road test since the first failed test a couple of weeks ago for the reason that our white car is in the auto repair shop due to its malfunctioned A/C unit. We have no idea as to when it is going to be repaired for we needed to replace the whole thing and the problem is the specific model we have is no longer around. The manufacturer stopped producing that kind of thing and we are yet to look for it used on the internet.

Fortunately though that I still have three months allowance to try my road test again. I am hoping that before the time allocated we would be able to have our white car fixed so I can go driving again. If we cannot find the replacement of air conditioner it will make the car un-drivable.

Well, what a waste of car because that thing of ours although it's old it still is in good shape and there is not a single dent on it. But if that's going to happen, what choice do we have but to look for a new one? Geezz I am kind of excited. In fact, I am now looking at these toyota sienna>, audi s6, mercury mountaineer or volkswagen touareg. Huhhhhh too ambitious of me, those are models that are kind of pricey haha. Who knows we can find a great deal on any of these cars mention right here. I trust my husband is patient enough browsing for cars that I might be interested in. That would only takes time though.

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