Wednesday, August 18, 2010

iPhone VOIP

Many people are so crazy over iPhones. One time I asked someone why most prefer to have an iPhone rather than blackberry and she said to me that iPhone has a lot of applications that you can download at one time payment you can use this as long as you like. As with blackberry, it is good if you have business for it is suitable for sending email messages wherever you are without using a computer. Of course both phones use internet and you have to subscribe for it as well as the data usage plan otherwise you won't enjoy your phones as much as other people do.

With iPhone also, you can use an iPhone VOIP which for me is a good idea to have for someone who is living far apart from his or her family. There is also another option for it called a VOIP for iPod Touch. Whichever of these two I think they both work the same. So I am just saying iPhone is a nicer one to have because of so many iPhone Apps that you can download or use all the time especially when you are in a long travel, when you get bored you'll have your phone that entertains you.

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