Friday, August 20, 2010

Apparel Brands

I watched Oprah's episode before where she featured women wearing the wrong size of bra. On the show she mentioned how a great fit and right sizing of bra can enhance a woman's look physically. She actually showed her audience how to pick the right one for you whether a woman is pear shaped, rounded, athletic etc. I was thinking, man I probably am wearing the wrong size too for I haven't bought a new bra since I have my baby. The ones I have been wearing are old and were bought before baby. I also notice that they won't fit right especially in the bust area.

I should consider buying some new bras soon including a spanx shapewear to give me that kind of shape that my husband would love to look at hehe. I just found a website that sells this kind of shapewear plus they also have other brands like simone perele and la perla of course with reasonable price and durability in all their merchandise. Those are the two things I look for in an item when buying them because I don't want my money gone to waste if I buy cheap ones and wouldn't last long.

If you are in need of new lingerie, I invite you to visit the website of and there you will find tons of products and brand names to choose from not to mention their website is a user-friendly site meaning, it is easy to use and won't confuse you as you shop for bras you need.

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