Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy, Sexy!

I invited Marly to come over yesterday so we could share lunch together. I cooked mung bean soup and potpot dried fish. You know Filipinas loved it when they have someone to share this kind of food with who also loves it. So anyway, she was here and we had quite a good chitchat while savoring every bit of the fish and soup.

Jadyn, my little girl felt shy at first but then once she adjusted to Marly's presence, she then started talking. One of the things she said to her was when she got my framed picture in red top showing to Marly and said "Mommy, sexy!" with pride and I burst out to laugh. I thought she was funny at the same time doing a great job for bragging her mommy lolz.

As Lisa said, that I should teach my baby to say "I just look like my mommy" when somebody tells my child that she looks pretty! Hehehe I think that is the coolest thing I can ever teach her which I definitely gonna do.

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