Friday, August 6, 2010

Sofa Tables

Knowing we are deprived of three spare rooms in our house due to lots of stuff in boxes, I cannot wait to take them all out of the box and organize them so I could feel comfortable in this house not seeing all those stuff in three rooms. I know we got a lot of organizing to do in the future and as much as possible, I want to start arranging on the bigger things like the furniture and large frames.

With all the furniture we have, I know there is one thing lacking to complete the set, a sofa console table is all what we need at this moment. Of course it is a much needed thing for us for various purposes and for that, I prefer to have this Magnussen Ellipsis Oval Cocktail Table. Why? Because there is something unique and weirdly wonderful about an oval cocktail table. It softens the harsh angles of our sofa and chairs safer for children to play around it. I think this ellipsis oval cocktail table is a perfect example of it which of course combines the traditional design with an elegant oval shape.

I guess I know where to go now when it comes to buying furniture including sofa tables and other home furnishings. I found it online and guess what there are tons of products to choose from on this site plus I got to compare prices from different manufacturer before buying them. How great is that hummm?

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