Monday, August 16, 2010

Beyond Pissed

Paypal is giving me a hard time again. I've had some issues in my other or old Paypal account before which they resolved and now I am back to being pissed at them again. I requested for Paypal Debit card weeks ago but they couldn't grant my request due to some sensitive situation before when I got scammed on the internet.

I understand Paypal so much, they only want my account to be safe at all times that is why they lifted it to LIMITED ACCOUNT ACCESS but I guess this is beyond unbelievable now. I was asked to submit two required documentation as proof of account ownership yet they still couldn't verify it and remove the limitation. I was really pissed and I really told that to one of the agents I spoke just minutes earlier.

All I want is to withdraw my money there damn it but they are making it hard for me. Idiots told me to contact Experian for more verification, why the hell they're doing that while I have trouble is with Paypal..mga pahongggggggg makalagot maka surok dugo maka highblood. Give them 72 hours to resolve the issue or else....

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