Friday, August 22, 2008

Wow New Layout Again?

Have you noticed the new cool looking layout I have here? Notice the yarn thread in each sidebar being used so each will be attached to the main page? HAHAHA so cool,ain't it? Ivy made it for me always,she is the person behind the beautification of all my blogs,to be honest I am so proud of her.

Lucky as I am to have a friend like Ivy Sterling! Hope you will never get tired of keeping me in your life Ives! Thank you so much for a never ending support nimo of my blogs! HAhahaha sounds amards ba? Visit her blogs friends so you will see her own creation too!


Twerlyn said...

daghan na ta iyang gi-make over ang page!! mao jud ni iyang gusto kanang murag notebook style. Lucky kaau ta kay napilian ta ni Ivz na ayuhon ang sites.. =) salamat kaau kang Ivy

Mizé said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I voted in your Princess like you asked, she´s so beautiful, and funny in the bath. My "princess" already has 8 years old.
I love your 3 colun layout. The light blue is such a peaceful color. I´d love to have one of this layouts for my blogs, does your riends sells them? If so, could you tell me the contact or site adress?

Kram Newo said...

wow wow weee ka gwapa sa mga blog oi sympre liwat sad sa tag iya ug nanghimo heheheheh


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