Tuesday, August 5, 2008

International Oddities

Well,I like watching movies especially if it is an action or horror movie.I just love the way actors act and memorize their lines so to make it look like real.As for the fire or smoking scenes,the props and all,I always thought they really use a real cigarette but oh no International Oddities provide it all.It is a company that provides hollywood moiesa non-tobacco legal bud smoking products that was being used throughout the movie Pineapple Express that makes International Oddities famous.It's so unique and innovative that puts a shock the public upon finding out that moies use legal bud smokes.Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, Rhiana, Chris Brown and Anne Hathaway are just few of the many who were stunned and amazed of the remarkable aroma of International Oddities.

Let me tell you that,their products are real,not just props at all.Krypto and Panama Gold Bud being said will be the future smoking in America.So you know how famous they are now? These are considered as high-grade smokes that can now be found in smoke shops nationwide.So you better look for it if you indulge in smoking the real bud.It should be available now to your favorite shop all over.Enjoy smoking.

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