Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's So Ouch

...after eating and some particles will get into my pocket,I have 3 of them and the worse is at the bottom part I guess because it's kinda deep and has ample space to catch some rice grains in it.

When after eating,I am adviced to squirt some warm water in each to get rid of the unwanted dirts that cause so much pain in me until now,as if my eyes are going to pop out only because of that.

I am so lazy to make some warm water,so I just use the normal room temperature that makes it more painful argsss....kay tapuls man!


Stev&Emz said...

unsa may ouch oi? na unsa man diay ka Anne? nganong sakit man mukaon? kalami mukaon sa. hehehe

texas_sweetie said...

toink masudlan kaha ang inibtan sa wisdom teeth em? 3 kbuok giibot sa akoa last last week nya hangtud ron sakit au mapaksan


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