Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Great Poser Too

So you think you're the only who can project yourself in front of the camera? Well,you're're very wrong! We do have our eldest baby here that is not only naughty but feeling like a human too. Whenever she sees me aiming the lens at her,she will just remain in her position and not a single move is being made.

This dog of ours thinks that she is human.Too bad though that she was born to be a dog.No matter what she feels or thinks SHE IS NOTHING BUT A DOG.I even ask her to get a mirror because she might forget that she IS STILL A DOG.


Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for advertising on my blog.
Your dog thinks he´s a person maybe because you treat him like one, but don´t worry many pets are like that and that´s what makes them so funny. I had a white cat like that. I think your dog is really cute.
Nice to meet you.

Laarni said...

Cute naman. :X

PoohBear said...

This is really a cute dog. I love his photo. Shall I use it in my BLOG


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