Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Be Practical mother's birthday is coming up so soon.She will be 50 this 19TH of this month.I thought of sending her flowers on her special day but in today's crisis,I'd came to the realization of sending her some money instead of flowers.Not only they're expensive not to mention the delivery cost as well but it's not being useful.

They need food and other primary things so might as well be practical here.I just sent them a fair amount of money to use for the whole month.I hope she will buy whatever she wishes to have on her birthday since I sent an extra amount than usual.

To you mother dear,even if you are not reading this entry of mine,ADVANCE 50th birthday to you.I may not say the words I need to say but keep in mind ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.


Twerlyn said...

Happy birthday in advance sa imong maderaka Anne..


karon ko pa nabasa ang comment sa pikas blog nako, oo oi akoa to i-submit sa paid blogging inig pwede na ug inig change to domain na.

DanaDebbie said...

I totally agree with you Anne! I did the same with my mom too when she celebrated her birtday earlier this month.

Warm birthday greetings to your mom! Hope you she'll have a wonderful birthday!

Debbie :)


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