Sunday, August 10, 2008

She's In Heat

We noticed that our dog got skinny since we got back from visiting my FIL.We took her to a pet hotel for 3 days we were gone.When we came back,I noticed she lost weight,until now.

I thought the hotel staff did not feed her right or not treating her right.But...I found out that "she's in heat".In our native language,nanguwag ang kagwang nga iro! There's this blood dripping from her little palalat every now and then.

I hate it,it's gross because she likes sleeping on our sofa or chair and her palalat dripping that leaves some blood on them.Ewww


Kram Newo said...

ganda paliti na ug kanang napkin para sa iro naa daw na ai ingon tony hahahahha... nakadumdum man kos iyang iro sa una iyang gipalitan ug napkin kay mao daw ingon sa Vet hahhahha

Ritchiela said...

Oy,nadaga na inyong kamagwangan?

Da babaye man gud inyo pili mao na,palitanan nuon ug napkin!


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