Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogging Live Tutorial

I am offering a free live tutorial in making a personal blog.If you have not created yours and are needing my help,just feel free to make a holler,set your appointment to come over to our house,bring your laptop and I will be of service to you for free hehehe.

Seriously,I am expecting a visitor at 3 this afternoon.Sheryl a local friend of mine who is just 5 minutes away is coming over for me to teach her how to create a blog.Since I am bored and no one to entertain me today except the baby and the computer,might as well spend my free time teaching her how to do the blogging so she can be one of us.Chasing opps after opps after opps and end up 0 a day! Funny,ain't it?


Nita said...

Haha, it's funny when you said..."chasing opps after opps after opps and end up nothing! LOL...

Anyway, have a great day!

jaisham said...

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