Monday, August 4, 2008

No More Slouching Please

How many months now being so slouchy? Using my computer with nothing to support my back during computer long hours really is so tiring. I finally decided to move and find another comfortable place for blogging.Somewhere I can relax my back not even feeling any pains.

We bought a leather office chair couple of months ago but it's just sitting in the computer room for no one is using it.My husband prefer to sit on his electric chair(i don't know how to call it,all I know is it needs to be plugged in) hahaha.

So I'm here now,so comfy for I am in a proper position,oh no more slouching please!

2 comments: said...

Hi Jadyn, I noticed you left an entrecard on my I wanted to drop by and give a shout out. Thanks for stopping by but next time give me a shout out. Would love to hear your opinions or whatevers. I love your site and like the lil"extra with the Entrecard drop...nice idea.I also liked your post as I know exactly what you are talking about. I've been sitting in a chair with my laptop and my back is bothering me now I'm going to try changing positions. Thanks for the push! JJ

HotMomma said...

Hi! i find your blog very beautiful and well laid-out so I decided to request that I be placed in your ECard widget. thanks!


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