Saturday, August 9, 2008

Standup Comedian Bernie Mac Died

Is anyone out there familiar of the comedy show The Bernie Mac show? And I know pretty well the main actor Bernie Mac.He died Saturday morning of complications from pneumonia in a Chicago-area hospital, his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles.

Mac suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs, but had said the condition went into remission in 2005. He recently was hospitalized and treated for pneumonia, which his publicist said was not related to the disease.To read more of this new please Click Here

How shocking to know this.Truly we never knew when our time on Earth is gonna end.Whether you are just an ordinary person or famous in Hollywood,time will come that the Lord will end your life here in the world.To you Bernie,may your soul rest in peace!

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