Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bath Tub Scene

I was asked one time by my husband if I like being a mother.My answer was,yes,I love it so far even if I work so hard for the baby.He asked me that kind of question after I had cleaned up my baby from pooping in the tub.

Bath tub scene for me isn't always easy when I bring the baby there.Too slippery,taking off the diaper with dirt and smell in it doesn't bother me but the hardships I have to face while we're there.My baby is only 6 months old and can't stand alone,therefore,when I clean her,I have to hold her safely while the other hand holding the hose with running water,slippery,wet and she is too mobile,love grabbing things around the tub,there is a tendency that she could fall which is very dangerous.Of course I wouldn't let that to happen to my one and only precious Baby.

Then there is this long hair of mine and the dress that I wear,they tend to come in contact with my baby's dirty bottom after the diaper has been removed.Argsss..probably you can picture out the scene my hair getting poop as well as my dress then I still have to clean the baby plus the dog keep bothering her,licking her hand. She is not helping me at all instead being a great annoyance of the mommy.

1 comment:

Channah said...

Yeah, my Kicker is 6 months old, and can be a real handful in the bathtub. I feel your pain.


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