Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks For The Scrapping Tita Haze

Haze did it for my baby.It's nicely done and so I appreciate her taking the time doing this different facial expression of my baby.So sweet of you Gatz! I didn't know you did it until I checked it on my friendster account that I have something waiting from you.SALAMATERS BIG HazE!


Twerlyn said...

nadamguhan nako c Den2x in akoa cia gikarga2x!

ka nice sa iyang facial expressions oi..dramatic kaau

Nita said...

Oh, I love her facial expressions! So cute :)

Sis may tag nga pala ako sayo...feel free to check my blog for more details.


sweetrio said...

Maka smile man sad ta ug apil aning pictures ni Jadyn. Sagol hilak ug smile ang iyang faces, pagka cute man gyod.


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