Wednesday, August 13, 2008

online shopping

I just found that there is actually a new way of paying your purchased product from a favorite store online when checking out.It is through ebillme.I did my online shopping at Tiger Direct and used ebillme as a method of paying my flash drive. I'll be brutally honest here,I was having tough times paying my item because it is still kind of confusing to use as I am a newbie user to ebillme.

My order was 3 days delayed in processing because they did not receive my payment right away and so they sent me a notification mails 3 times.What happened is that,I ended up paying the item 3 times and guess what? I was charged 3 times as well.For now,I am still waiting for the check for the refund they are going to send me.Hope I can get it as I over spent 50 bucks to the store using ebillme.

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