Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yep I'm Done With My 900 EC Drops

Weewww I beat the time.It's my first time being finished doing my dropping before 8 pm.I used to just make only 200 plus drops each blog or sometimes I couldn't even get to 200 in my blog.

Thanks to Junkie yard for his helpful tip on how to do the dropping a lot faster than usual.I even told about this to Bianca,she did it and finished her work quickly.

I am happy and satisfied now that I am done with my work.I feel so exhausted and wanting to just sleep.I hope that I can get a hit back half of 300 each blog so my hard work will be paid off this time.


The Natural State Hawg said...

Junkie Yard's link is broken! Easy to fix manually, but you might want to repair that ;)

The Natural Hawg

Ms. Orange said...

900 EC Drops!?! oh my! I'm exhausted after 100! :)

Atniz said...

My max was 1200 drops per day.. each IP 600 limit... sometimes, if I go back to hometown on Saturday (will do the drops and leave). Will only return home on Sunday late night... So, the next day morning 12pm is the cut-off time for Sunday drops before resetted to ZERO. I will do the drops for both blogs from 8am to 12pm (600 drops) then another 600 drops after 12pm. This is rare case, maybe once or twice in a month I will do this type of dropping. And, yes it is very very tiring especially if you want to comment.

Scotty's Princess said...

I do the same thing Atniz is doing. Here in Pinas, cut off time is 12nn. I drop 600 blogs daily for both of my blogs, without fail (except when I got no connection,hehe!). I wanted to do 600 drops for each blog but changing my PC's IP just won't work, tsk! tsk! tsk! The best thing there is that if you've established yourself as a notorious dropper, the return drops would go beyond than your 300 limit. I can attest to that. I receive more than 300 drops a day. Might be because I also comment to about more than 10 blogs a day, wink!


emzpie said...

wow,,good for u,,been here again

lusia said...

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Lori said...

My word great for you, but do tell what is your secret. I am worn out and so sleepy be time I am done and I have four sites. :)


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