Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Missed This Yummy Puto

To the one who shot this photo,I apologize for grabbing your work and post it here in my blog.It's just that I can't resist to have it here because it's so yummy.Looking so perfect and oh makes me drool.

I miss this kind of delicacy.I love the cheese and oh the texture of the puto is so soft that I like to just suck it in between my palate and tongue.


mjsterling said...

hala ka sinaw sa puto cheese, baws sad ka sa kaong bingka da lols...kahiabw man ko mo himo ana dali ra bya na himoon. pwedi gani harina or bugas ginaling gamiton.

Haze said...

Hahahaha, believe it or not dia gyud koy puto kay gipalitan ko ni bana gahapon until now wa pa nahurot kay daghan man yaha gpalit. Whoaaa....lami kaau lage labi na parisan juice or hot chocolate sa morning hehehe. Paibog ko ha, sorry!


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