Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is Google Mad At Me?

I was shocked when I first knew that my PR from 2 down to 0.This is the only blog I have that has PR on it for quite a long time now,it's gone.I read an update gossip is all over the blogs! HUh? could it be true? I didn't even know it lols.Based on my reading to different blogs,there are those who are very disappointed including few close friends online for they lost all their blogs' PR.

There are also other bloggers that their blogs got a PR from google.And mine? BIG ZERO.This blog of mine used to have its PR for months from 3 down to 2 and it stayed like that for I think 3 months? To my dismay,last Friday night,google finally took it back.What disappoints me the most is that,none of my 7 blogs got PR in it.

Are they mad at me or something? I have been waiting for me to give atleast a PR to any of my domains but nothing.I got nothing grrrrrrrrrrrr...truly disappointing.What have I've done to be punished like this? I'll wait for another 3 months or until they gonna update again and I'll see if I can have the long awaited PR.


Pinoy Teens said...

Google hates sponsored blogs (blogs that do paid posting)


Anonymous said...

you mad at them, but are you aware that you are ruining the google search engine results because of paid links?

As you know, google based it's search results from the links the website get.

the more you link at a website, the higher it will place on the search results.

just my 2c

Lerlyn said...

unsaon nalang kaya na oi..pero monthly naman na cla naga update ug PR anne..ako ,itlog ever since!!super grrr!

**Billyboxergirl said...

most of the don't like paid links... keep on updating nalang sa posting ..

my advice.. if u gonna post a paid also a unique one (post of ur own) on the same date... dat wat i do.

gud luck and more power.

teampz said...

That thing also happened to me.


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