Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Living Figurine

When I first saw this photo I was amazed of her cuteness.As in!! For me she is like a figurine came to life.How could this little angel so beautiful knowing the fact that she's is half Pinay? Look at those red hair and blue eyes? Can you tell she has a filipina blood in her?


stev & emz said...

imo ng baby Anne? mura dyud siya ug manika. dili halata nga half pinoy. oi naa ra biya ko award nimo.. kwaa ha! naa diri na link
punita ha! ayo ayo dira gwaps

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texas_sweetie said...

dili na ako baby emz oi sa ako na miga.ako ra kawat pic kay ganahan naku e pa display sa ako blog kay wafa ayo hehe.


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