Thursday, July 10, 2008

No Longer Fit

I got several small tops that I keep.I don't like throwing good things away so I keep my small tops that no longer fit in me.I used to wear XS size and now I wear Medium.Look how big I am now?

I am so disappointed knowing that my denim dress no longer fit me.I tried putting it on last night so I can wear it this weekend but then it's so tight.Argsss it only means that I need to lose weight seriously.


Shoshana said...

Such is the life of a mother.

I'd settle for size 4 now, when I used to wear double zero.

Lara said...

how i wish, i gain weight like you. i'm really having a hard time gaining.

elisaparker said...

Mate, if you don't do any sport, you lose an opportunity always be in good mood and in good shape! Whatever it is, we all need to exercise!


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