Monday, July 14, 2008

Start Pulling My Own Hair

I noticed that baby is really too mobile now.One second taking my eyes off her she is already on the edge of the bed.If have to be careless,she would surely fall without a doubt.I guess I have to start pulling my own hair now that baby is already showing signs of being a baby.

HUh nganu ni enter? Well,this is what I want.I have to face it lol.If others can do,why can't I? I can't imagine how other mothers out there with dozens of kids and they all made it 'till they grow.


haze said...

na mao na gats sugod pa lang na paabota kana bisan unsa lang buk-on hehehe. Basta women kaya man bisan pila pa ka anak...mao nang power sa mga babaye, hahahaha.

Jona said...

HI..congrats to your baby.. i guess all mother feels the same kay ana man pud ako nafeel.. right now, my baby is 1 year and 9 months old and OMG, maupaw na jud ko hapit..hehehehe..

anyway, im from Austin, where are you in Texas? taga davao jud ko, den work sa CDO den naminyo ug taga texan .. :-)

just drop me a line at my blog: Beauty of Life


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