Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lost Some Money

Argssss it's so ouch! Just when opps started to come out this evening,that is when my husband arrived home.Tonight was our schedule for running to sweat.As soon as he arrived I got myself and the baby ready.I didn't want to leave for opps were coming out lagi! Duh! It can't help me to lose weight so I decided to go.

After 45 minutes we got back and was astonished upon seeing my dashboard there were 23 gray opps already! Who would have expect that it was raining with "greens" tonight? BIG SIGH is all I can do now.


Chiz said...

Better luck next time. I know there will be more opportunities soon ;0

haze said...

Hehehe, duh mas sagdi lang kay losing weight man sad ang kapali...in time you will see the fine and tone body you would want to be never mind how many opps you missed out nalang.


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