Sunday, July 27, 2008

I Dropped My Computer

..whooaaaa pisses me off! I'm so careless that the most valuable thing I have,my computer was dropped! I just hope that there is no damage done in this puter of mine.It is barely new.My husband gave it to me as his Christmas present to me last year.

I normally put my computer in our bedroom so asap I wake up I can just use it right away but today I moved it here in the computer room so I will not be slouching anymore as I was not sitting on a chair in the bedroom so there's no support for my back.

I am using a portable table here for my laptop because it's easy to roll wherever I wanna go.Ok,I was trying adjust the height of the table with computer on it.I loosen one of the screws but I got the wrong one.What happened is that the table tilted back that causes my computer to fall down.OHHH I feel so bad dropping my puter,good thing that there's no any damages done to it,FOR NOW!

1 comment:

Patricia Rockwell said...

They're amazingly tough, aren't they?


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