Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An Apology To My EC Droppers

...I can no longer do it.Me and my family traveled down South to visit my father in-law that normally takes us 4.5 hours drive.I am so tired though I tried dropping EC of people who dropped me today but I can only do one page of it.

Tomorrow's not gonna be an easy day for us.We have a lot of stuff(dad's stuff) need to be packed so we can move them to a storage,must all be done in one day so we can return home by Saturday. Hope you guys will understand me.I am only human,if only I have a body like that of a machine,I would love to drop all of you.

I gotta log off now,I feel like my eyes are falling off now,having a slight headache and aching back.CIAO EVERYONE.


melissa said...

Of course we understand, get some rest, and feel better. We all live crazy lives, and sometimes some things are just more important, than dropping cards.

Judi said...

Get some rest... :)

Enjoy the vacation.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

We better understand :)
Do what you need to now and when you have the time you EC drop, family always comes first.


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