Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick Baby and 4 Vaccines Today

It's been two days now since baby Deden is so fussy and running a fever from time to time. She woke up unwell yesterday morning and kinda warm. I knew it when she sick for she doesn't do things that she usually does when she is ok. Two factors why she is unwell. First, she is growing a molar then she also got a sore in her tongue. I can only understand why she acts so sick. She wouldn't even want to swallow her food because it hurts.. it is very painful to have a sore in the mouth.

Even though she wasn't feeling well today, we brought her to her pedia for a scheduled vaccination. We cannot afford to delay it and wait another couple of weeks to have her injections because she is already very late with MMR, Chickenpox and Hepatitis vaccines(supposedly she had it upon turning one last Jan. but PI dalo kaayo sa ila vaccine.) So tonight, it must be triple the pain she is carrying, from 4 needles injected to her legs, molar and the sore! What did she do to deserve the pains? Really really poor baby of mine.

OH yeah, I should stop this nonsense posting now and go attend my baby as she keeps whining in the living room. Have a nice evening everyone!


Bill said...

I hope she gets feeling better soon. It is getting summer out and it is a bummmer to be sick in the summer because it is hot. I hope you have a great weekend.

Bill said...

I forgot to mention that i have put both of your badges on my site "my piece of paradise. Just look under my friends badge. I am going to and them to my global newspaper also. See ya.

kikamz said...

oh, so sorry to hear about ur little one getting sick. hope this doesn't stop from celebrating mother's day. happy mother's day anne! have a greeting tag for u on my blog.

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