Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Multiple Unknown Charges

For two nights, we were being charged for multiple unknown transactions that neither me or my husband did. The first two charges were $1.50 and $24 by a video game company called Enix then it happened again last night of $1.50 and$86 in two different places MN and London.

It is so shocking to know that somebody might have stolen our card information and used it. This is so scary! One of the most horrible things I dreaded to ever happen to us yet it is really happening now. Anyways, my husband is already taking care of it. He went to the bank and request to cancel or change the account and have our cards replaced. Hope it won't happen again to us or to anyone!


""rare*jonRez"" said...

yay! we've been through such pud baya ayy two years ago. weird kaayo kay ang charges kay made by Lycos Europe. and what's the scariest is the amount kay niabot ug $899. sa europe pud ang transaction nahitabo. hastang hadloka lagi. maygani ang among dispute gidawat ra so wa ra mi nakabayad. :) yours will be solved soon!

see? it always pay to use cash jud ba!

jenn_US said...

it happened to us a couple of weeks ago. we were charged 4 different times, puro wala mi kaila unsa to na transactions. we called the credit card company and contested it. they replaced our cards and account numbers. haay!'s good jud na vigilant ta sa atong mga credit card transactions kay sus daghan kaau binuang sa internet.


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