Friday, May 15, 2009

Charter's Internet Phatband Speed

There is this internet advertisement on t.v that I find hilarious to watch. You know me, when it is commercial time I put the t.v on mute because I find them very irritating. But the only ad I like is the one that has something to do with internet connection. The man has to climb up a ladder for him to be able to catch a wifi signal on his computer then another man came to promote his internet subscription that he is so proud of.

If in real life this is happening to some people or to you then maybe it is time for you to switch subscription to Charter. Currently they are offering what they call Ultra60. To read for information about this visit the Ultra60 Information Page right away so you get to know what are those benefits that comes in this package. If you are also a big fan of twitter, you may subscribe Charter’s Twitter Feed and follow the company's latest and hottest news.

Oh a little information about Charter's Ultra60 Mbps service is that it is the fastest Internet speed in the St. Louis market and one of the fastest in the U.S. And if you are living in St. Louis you will be happy to know that it is currently available in your area, Ultra60 will be rolled out to other areas along with other high-speed products throughout 2009.



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