Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Family That Watches Movie Together Stays Together

During working days me and my husband and the baby can only get to spend time together during night time by watching a movie all three of us together. When he arrives home from work at 8 pm we cannot be close to each other because each one of us has each other's business to do on the internet. Me dropping ECs and chatting while he is keeping up to date of what is happening out there by reading news all over the world online. By ten or eleven in the evening we then watch a movie that he brings home every night.

His favorite renting station is the local BLOCKBUSTER rental store located just 3 blocks away. Tons of movies to choose from including blu-ray DVD as well as latest releases. The problem of local rental is that my man is working and he is the only one that drives in this family. Sometimes he forget to return the DVD the following day so we are being charged extra. I don't drive so the DVD will be left in our house until my husband remembers to return it. NO return, no rental of new movies. Thanks to BLOCKBUSTER online they have us covered. I can just rent a new movie and return it all together after the new rented movie is finished.


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