Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lemon For Skin Blemishes

It was my friend Rose who taught me how to use lemon on to my skin to get rid of skin blemishes like black/white heads. I was wondering what she used on her face it looks so clear and clean and then she told me honestly to use lemon twice a week.

I have been using it myself for 2 months now and I see the progress of my skin especially in the face. Here is how I do it. I squeeze the lemon juice and put some sugar in it and mix together until it dissolves. Lather on damp skin in the shower, rub skin thoroughly in circular motion and massage a little bit. Wait for five minutes before you rinse. Pat dry! Then expect for clean and smooth feeling after shower!


PinayWAHM said...

Aha...so lemon pala ang secret sa great skin...magawa nga.

Musta ang Mother's Day Mommy Anne?

Merydith said...

Kani siya An ba everyday ni? Daghan kaayo ko ug black head ug white heads ug bugas sad nag sokmagay sa akong nawong then ang tambal gihatag sa derma kay bura kadak-a ug pre-natal vitamins. Di nako matulon basin mo work diay ni ma shofa na tang nanat!


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