Wednesday, May 27, 2009

get rid of those puffy bags under your eyes

Women are so conscious of their looks especially the face for it is the first thing being noticed when someone look into you. This I so agree because I even feel that myself when I am around other people whom I meet the first time. Yes, I remember there was an instance when I had to face the very important person to making my dream a reality, facing the US Consul at that time I had yet to undergo my interview for my visa. A night prior to that, I really had restless night full of emotions, anxiety, excitement and most of all the feeling of anticipation of joining my husband in the U.S.

Situations like that could most likely give people those most hated bad dark circles or puffy bags under our eyes. So talking about my experience above, I went to the U.S Embassy looking a little bit tired. Thankfully though I had a very supportive friend who gave me all the tips and encouragement for my interview as well as making those dark circles quite not obvious by applying some eye cream to help improve the look of my lower eyes and looking pleasant before the eyes of the consul. She did a great job in doing my dark circles actually.

Then recently when I went to eye cream review website, I found out she was using The Dermajuv Brand which comes first on the list of the reviewers on that site. Well, anyways my experience at the embassy was quite an adventure for me and I got my visa approved. Flew to US last March 13,2006 to live here for good.

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