Friday, May 29, 2009

My Most Hated Season of The Year

Here comes summer!! Which I hate so very very much. Arggssss at this point I don't even wanna think about it because it sucks! It just gets too hot here in Texas that I feel it's breaking my skull when I go outside and gives me headache. I know most people especially the Americans are happy but not me. I would rather stay in the house for the whole three months than go elsewhere and suffer of headaches when the sun is down.

I asked my husband to go somewhere fun tomorrow and suggested to him if we can go to the Stockyards and he gave me that sour grimace look on his face. I know what that means if he do that, he doesn't wanna go there which I understand because he has a lot of reasons. That is ok with me though, it's just not the best time going to Stockyards where walking a lot is required and it's already very hot!

Hope I can come up with the idea of a perfect place to see tomorrow before this day ends so me, the baby and the husband can all enjoy together as a family this weekend.

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""rare*jonRez"" said...

na oi, mao lagi ng init kaayo ba, di jud ko magsilbi. mao jud number 1 reason gi-ayawan namo ang job offer ni bana sa houston. wa pud mi decide adto sa vegas kay samot ang disyerto. tag 120F jud daw didto basta summer. just thinking about it, motukar na jud akong migraine. right now, akong SIL didto sa vegas kay reklamo nga lagum na daw kaayo sila. unya di daw maka-make up kay masunog lang ang nawong. hahaha. mao paadto mi wisconsin nalang kay ok kaayo ang summer. ang winter pud maoy problema lagi. malumos mi didto sa taga-liog nga snow pag winter. huhuhu pero ge lang, madala ra man na ug jacket. i-ski nalang dayon ba? hahaha!


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