Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ask For It And He Will Give It To You

There are times when blogging world is so empty and so lonely without any opps to do. For some reasons all paid blogging sites would coincide of not releasing tasks to their people. Other times blogging can get so busy just like today. I have quite many opps to do. In fairness, I've done 2 so far each with 200 words per requirement. I am not even halfway of my tasks and I'm already worn out. It is ok though, this is what I need to keep my paypal fatter and to be occupied during idle hours of the day.

Thank You Lord! You are so good. I asked for some opportunities from you last night and you grant them to me. This is what I notice, if I just keep using my computer and not asking help from the Heaven above I would get nothing but when I do, blessings pusot pusot pud! How lucky I am!

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