Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day is approaching so fast. In five days, all mothers in the world will be applauded for being brave and endlessly caring for their children and family. Husbands and kids, it's time to show how much you love your wife and mother by simply touching their heart with your warm affection. Flowers can wilt and die that is worthless. This time give them a more meaningful gift like the Cryo-Cell U-Cord especially to mothers-to-be or new moms.

Every gift that I receive from my husband on Mother's Day is meaningful and for that I appreciate all the things he'd given me. But, wouldn't it be nice if I receive something that is worthwhile? I mean something that can be used in the future when sickness sets in? Since Cryo-Cell U-Cord Blood banking is now available for purchase, next time I may have to ask him the gift if ever we decide to have another baby. Who knows it might save his life or our children's life in the future.

Cryo-Cell U-Cord has saved family lives of over 17,000 in number worldwide through preservation of newborn's umbilical cord blood for us of deadly diseases like stroke and diabetes.


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