Wednesday, May 13, 2009

outskirts press

I am earning my free time more than computer moment in the midday. Blogging is no longer my first priority as it slowed down when the economic crisis started. To keep myself occupied when baby is asleep is to read online articles or open my filipino pocket novels that I have for two years stocked in the drawer.

I just love to read something that I can understand in my own language you know? By doing so, it makes me fall inlove again over characters that only exist in pocket novels. It is better this way than watching depressing stories in the court of Judge Judy. Ok, I must finish this real quick now as I am dying to open my book again or practice singing using my new toy, the Magic Sing that my husband had given to me days ago.

But before I go, let me just let you know all self publishers out there, here is your chance to earn your six figure advances now by using Outskirts Press. I should say this company truly understands that marketing is a huge part of an author’s success and, unlike most self-publishing firms, offer promotional advice and marketing services extending for years after publication.

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Bill said...

I agree when the economy took a dump paid blogging went way down. Ouch. have a great weekend my friend.


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