Friday, May 29, 2009

Are You Ready For A Hawaiian Vacation?

Are you ready for a Hawaiian vacation? That question could be the sweetest question ever pop out from my husband's mouth if he is going to ask me that. For sure with no hesitation I would gladly say a big YES to him right away and pack my things right there and then. But, that is way too far from happening in reality. Maybe not now but someday it will. Huh wishful thinking me!

Seriously, I envy people who live in Hawaii especially if they are living close to Maui Resort because I heard it is such a very nice resort to stay in. In fact, it is where most Maui Weddings and honeymoons are happening. If you're planning to go for a vacation in Hawaii, Ka'anapali Resort in Maui is "no ka oi" (the best). So don't go anywhere except the Mau Resort. A little geographical information about Ka'anapali Resort. It is located on the beautiful Hawaiian island Maui which is perfect for honeymooners to go especially this summer.

Some of the wonderful activiies you get to do staying at that hotel are swimming in a whale-shaped pool, numerous ocean activities, and dozens of complimentary Hawaiian activities, world-class golf, unique shopping, hiking, biking, and so much more. If I were to go to Hawaii, I definitely want to experience horseback riding along Hana Coast for the first time in my life. It sure would be fun to do!



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