Saturday, February 16, 2008

Very Bad Weather

Ewww stuck in the house since yesterday for the weather is so bad.Too cold after weeks of getting ample sunlight,now it's awful.Last night was amazing,there were loud noise on the roof and didn't know it until my husband said that it was from a nickel size hail.

Duh I was curious to see what a hail looks like and yes I went outside..wowwww I got speechless,thousands of them on the cotton balls,so white and pretty. It was not that cold but didn't get to enjoy the hail because it was wet and my slippers were wet too..

Today,another cold day,it has stopped raining but cold.I was asking for lalabs to go out because I am really bored but he refused,not good for we have a baby to bring with us.I'm afraid she'll get sick so I did not insist instead stay here bored to death.

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