Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chichai Rules Everything

We barricaded the living room as well as the dining and bedrooms for chichai .She is now allowed to stay only in the living room because we have problems fixing her mess everywhere.Not only that her hair is everywhere and when I sweep it it will create a whole big ball in the air.The worse problem is that she is a chewy-little dog that damaged our 2 sofas.She sneaked underneath them and chew,scratch until small pieces of fiber and cloth were torn apart.

I cannot believe how this little creature of ours has the capability of turning big Sandy's world upside down.Granted she's sweet and playful alright? But this does not mean we're happy what she has been doing to our furniture.Our furniture is still new about almost 2 years of usage and here she is,damaging ruining it.Argsss...Yes she's small but she controls and rules everything that is in the living room.


Utah Mommy said...

Kaluoy ba tawn ug nawong anang inyong itoy dai woi hehehe ing ana gyud na mga puppy ba di kalikayan mangitkit bisan unsa kay sa ila man gud pod na ngipon gapalig on sila maong mangitkit bisan unsa nalang makit an. I hope nga maanad lang sya ing ana kaluoy raba tawn kaayo sa nawong lol!

Lyn said...

spray some Bitter Apple or Bitter Yuck and it will keep her from chewing on that item.
crate training is also great.
and LOTS of chewing toys.
I use to raise dogs and these really help, hope this helps you


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