Friday, February 22, 2008

Beautiful Family

I am quite behind of updating my blogs for 2 days because we had 2 visitors here, my brother and father inlaw came visited in our house to see the baby for the first time.Been a while now that I've last seen my father inlaw.When I was still pregnant we used to drive occasionally down to San Antonio just to visit him and it's a good thing they thought of coming up here for the baby and for us as well because I missed my American dad ah hehehe.

Here are the photos I took. Shots of them holding their loved new Sanborn.

Feeling good having her in your arms,dear Uncle?
Opppsss you think he's making her cry? No actually he's calming her down.
Meet the family,front to back-- Dad,Lalabs,David and Baby
Oh he's very proud he has another grandchild.It's his 3rd grandchild actually.
Breakfast at Denny's this morning before we bid goodbye to them.


Ritchelle said...

cute photos you have here!

wonder lang ba unsa inyo gikaon for breakfast?and why man wala kuyog wife sa imo BIL para saya!

Rickavieves said...

nice photos :-)
great fam. :-)
btw labay lang ko angimo gi tag nko nga speed test toa ako gipost sa domain nako :-) have a great weekend! ingats.

Utah Mommy said...

Wow naa gyud handumanan woi maayo kay naka pahulagway mong tanan dai woi hehehehe nice photos.

""rare jonRez"" said...

nice photos anne! one great family jud ba!


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