Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1K Tuesday

Yes yes yes 1K Tuesday is here again but I am not that quite happy.For I am pretty sure,I cannot grab any of 50 bucks they are giving out to bloggers all over the world.I somehow wish though that someday I'll be lucky and be one of those who grab it.

For now,I must be contented of what I can grab from them. A few bucks each day will be enough for me.I have learned to accept the fact that there are over 100 thousand bloggers now I believe and for that grabbing a decent offer today is very impossible. So my thinking is,come what may,whatever comes to my hand,I'll grab it. If I meant to be 0 in one day,I have no choice but to accept it.

Have a great day guys!!


"Life is a Journey not a Destination" from a simple woman who live in England. said...

Will you just grab this tag instead?

Sweetiepie said...

same here my opps only a few bucks but at least naa few bucks dba, it`s better than nothing at all.I still can`t get the worldless imo gihatag nako.


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