Sunday, February 10, 2008

In The Eyes of Many

My baby is beautiful,cute,adorable and absolutely an amazing baby!! I don't care what others say to my baby.I am happy that I have her in my life and she's so precious and healthy baby anyone can be proud of . To the eyes of many,my baby is perfect and everybody loves her!! I am just stating a fact here.

To the loser who can't do anything but get jealous,nothing I can do with you but just hope you get a life of your own.

You may just jealous because baog ka!! And can't bear a child bleehhh..hehehhe you die of Jealousy Cathy while I am living here with pride of my little baby!!!


Sweetiepie said...

Oh for pete sake whoever this cathy that jealous of you, don`t mind her. She`s crazy and too immature. a person like that is not a stable minded and too insecure of her life. whoever you are cathy get a life, don`t waste your time bugging other people`s lives.

haze said...

Good gracious me! That means Jadyn is just one popular little baby kay g-intriga na bata pa gani. Never mind baby Jadyn kay sugod pa na labi na gyud ug mudako ka ug ma klaro na samot imoha pagka guapa, samot na masuya si Cathy, si kinsa man na cya. Keep smiling baby Jadyn kay for your parents and the rest of the world apart from that Jealous Trolls named Cathy, you are one most beautiful and gorgeous angel that is being born on this earth.

More pics beh! Pa kiss ko sa cute na aping uy. Nice au ang dress hehehe. Ako na unya na ha sa akoa next baby puhon paaboton.

Make Cathy more jealous Jadyn, take a loads of photos with your pretty face and yummy cheeks!


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