Thursday, February 21, 2008

Speed test

56 words


Wow so nice to be waking up with hmm not so cold temperature.How thankful I am to have given another day to live by God and for the healthy,wonderful family.How is your morning so far guys? First thing I do upon using the computer is doing this speed test that is from Mamu Darlene. I am curious to know how fast I can type.The result is shown above. Try it to know where you stand too. Not to sound conceited here but I can type without even looking at the keyboard and be as fast as I can.When I did the test I was just looking at the words to type. Other information from the test is below.

You type 325 characters per minute

You have 56 correct words and

you have 0 wrong words

I would like the following people to try this Carrie,JK,Joy Pinaymama,Fyrnz,Mizz J,Hazel,Janine,Annie,Rose,Ricka Vieves,Francine and Pinaysmile.


Haze said...

Thanks for this tag, yes like you I can type faster too without looking at the monitor, hehehe. Cguro sa cg ni atubang sa PC....hahahaha.

Already posted my result here


Utah Mommy said...

Wow grabe paka paka tingali na imong agi dai sa? ngiga woi alasan man power nako huhuhuhuhu. Thanks sa paghimo sa akong tagay nimo dai.

Ivy Sterling said...

whoooooo pas pas pa man diay ka nako oi wahahah akoa 50 ra akong score.

Pinaymama said...

hi inahan, slamat sa tag!! post nako ni unya...salamat!!

trinity said...

snagged this from you sis..curious lang ako how fast i type eh!!!

Carrie Smith said...

I will have to give this a try...maybe on the office computer. I am still trying to get use to the feel of the keys on my new laptop....

Happy Friday


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