Sunday, February 10, 2008

Don't Know where to Start

Things have been upside down in our house. I don't know where to start cleaning,the house is a complete mess right now. Here in our bedroom alone has so much to do that I even scratch my pahak because I really don't know what to do first. Good thing though that my baby is now sleeping so I can think straight of the things that I need to do first before the least important ones.

Hayyy giving me a headache because for 3 days I did not do any cleaning at all.Now it's all here,dust everywhere,dirty basket full of clothes need to be washed.Stuff just anywhere in this house..haaayy I have not eaten my breakfast and it's very late now.

1 comment:

Ritchelle said...

hahaha,ako pa na nanghagis na ko!

bitaw,Shadrack man gud kurog ba ug magyabo-yabo sa yabo na daan na bantay lang lagi.

Dont mind the mess nalang oy,hire ME,wink***


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