Saturday, February 2, 2008

Feeling Guilty

I felt like I am useless not being a wife to my husband.Why? It's because I have not been cooking or preparing him food. I just still so tired plus the fact that I am not getting ample shut-eye during the night.In the morning,I only have enough energy to do my thing,prepare my own food and take care of the baby. I know my husband is tired too because we do not have a baby room,we all share the same bed with the baby so when little Jadyn cries,she wakes her daddy up that makes me him sleepless too.

Feeling so guilty here..really. As if I'm the only one having a mouth here because I only cook my own food and just leave my husband do his meal.Whoa hehehe..I'm so bad.I called up my family in the Philippines and talked about it to my mother,she said that I am now "two" and that I should think of my husband too.I reason out,naks ngiga no I am the one who needs assistance for I just gave birth,it should be lalabs who prepare my food hehehe..


Suzanne said...

Hi! Congrats on the new beautiful baby! :) Children are always blessings.
Take it easy, ganyan talaga. Your body just underwent a tiring process kaya you need to rest. Pero at the same time, you have to take care of a little one na super dependent sa iyo. Just talk to your hubby. For sure, he will understand. And makaka-adjust din kayo having the little one around. :)
Take care!

Christina said...

Ngeeek, ako gats, di jud ko tigluto si bana gyud tig nako diri, mao sahay ingon nalang cya I married him to be my slave daw, hehehehe.

Luto ra ko if Kasabot rana bana uy...da ingon ana jud na husband and wife magsinabtanay. Dili nana uso ang bana work and asawar tigluto or whatso-ever uy. Patas na ang laban, ug di nila kaya e-di ngita sila lain wife, lol. Hahahahahahaha, kuyaw au ko principle sah...basta for me kung unsa ko, what they see, what they get jud. Malas ang bana ug asawa tapulan like me, lol. Ikaw ayaw sa buhat kaau kay makabughat, kung pwedi gani tulog jud ka whenever you have a chance kay an g lack of sleep usa sad na makabughat.

Christina said...

I mean, malas ang bana naka-awasawa like me, lol. sa dali-dali na yopsa nuon, hehee. hala batsi kay tan-aw ko ug TV.


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