Sunday, February 3, 2008

Good Girl is my little Jadyn

It's our first day today being alone in the house. Lalabs' 2 weeks leave is over and he's back to work today. It's kind of difficult not having my husband around because when the baby cries no one is helping me but myself. I am still in the process of recovering the once lively and energetic me.In fact, I'm still feeling so weak right now and wanting to sleep but I how can I possibly do that if I have so many things on my mind?

I wanted to clean the house a little bit but I'm just too weak to move and do some things.hohoho..mama tabang!!! Where are you? Well,so much for that, let me talk about my little girl.Yes she does require a lot of attention especially at night time,makes me awake almost every minute thinking that she might be hungry or wet.Can't totally forget the world and go to dreamland but I guess she's all worth my hard work.

She is just so precious and such a very good girl. During day time,she lets me finish my work before crying or waking up. She lets me take a shower without even crying,whenever I need to use the bathroom I just leave her sleeping in bed,when I come back she's still asleep which I like so much about her,lets me eat my meal and only cries when I am done. I am praying though that everything will be back on track once she develops a sleeping habit at night so momma can rest and finally be able to be myself again.

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Christina said...

Thats good to know that your little girl is such a good girl.


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